Currently, I am a student at the Global Academy and Head of Music on the student radio station "Youths Choice". You can listen my airchecks below!
Below you can find all of my aircheck from when I have presented shows on "Youths Choice" Myriad, the logging system we use at the academy, was broken for a period of time which means I unfortunately had to miss out a few months of airchecks in early 2018
Youths Choice - December 2017
Youths Choice - Jan 2018
Youths Choice - May 2018
"Teacher Takeover" - Luke Shires "Specialist Services Team Leader/Tech Guy" & Chris Walsh "Technology Support/LRC Guy" 18/05/2018
Content Development
Tony Dibbin - Guess the Lyric
Below is a bit of content I produced and presented with Gold Breakfast Presenter "Tony Dibbin". I edited all the sound clips in the video together and also worked on the final edit. 
My team and I got some feedback on the video from a member of the social team at Global who told us the video was too long. I took this feedback on board and edited together the video that is below the 17 minute video. This video was aimed at a social media audience and was just a personal test for me to see if I could edit together a video for social media. We could also tell the camera work wasn't the greatest, so in future we are going to just leave the cameras in a static position.
 When the next guests come in, I will take all the feedback on board and try make an amazing bit of content!
Jo Carr Visit
I cannot at all take credit for any of the Audio content, that goes to the amazing Andrew Bottcher. I, however, made the waveform visualisation that you can see below. During my FMP, I was attempting to do some research and noticed that in Microsoft forms, you cannot embed audio. This wasn't good enough for me so instead of uploading a blank screen of 10 seconds of audio, I decided to go on YouTube and learn how to make audio visualisations. It turns out, this is only possible in After Effects, a software I had not used until this point. I had a mess about with it, made the things for my FMP and realised I could use my newly acquired skills to make a teaser for a recent visit from the head of current affairs at the BBC and send it off to the "Youths Choice" social media for them to put up.
Marco Bertozzi - VP Spotify Europe
Marco Bertozzi visited the academy to do a talk to Year's 12 & 13 about his journey through the media industry. I was put in charge of making a game to play with him after he had been interviewed by another "Youths Choice" presenter. I wanted to make sure this was something Marco had not played before and also sonething that had not been done on "Youths Choice" previouly.
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